Welcome to the inaugural Brambly Hedge blog, bringing you a roundup of all the latest seasonal news from the Brambly Hedge community.

The harvest season is upon us!

The long, hot summer is still hanging in there but only by a thread!  The daytime temperatures are not quite so high now, and the early mornings are cooler, with a heavier dew.  It appears that the harvest this year is gong to be a bountiful one, and the...

The dry weather continues…..

The dry weather continues, and the mice of Brambly Hedge have been spending their days down by the stream in an effort to keep cool.  The fair weather has meant frequent trips to visit the mice by the sea, as the sail downstream has been an easy one.  The...

Summer has arrived!

The sun has brought us some long awaited warmth, and the hedgerows are looking much better for it!  If anything, a drop of rain wouldn’t go amiss but we won’t complain! The wild garlic has subsided now, and the foraging mantle has been taken on by the...


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