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Recipes from our Brambly Hedge Kitchens for you to share and enjoy!

Bramble Jelly

  Since the Blackberry season is well under way, we thought we’d give you a simple, easy to make recipe that allows the Blackberry to shine!  Blackberries are naturally low in pectin which allows the jelly to set, so there is some lemon juice added to...

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Beetroot Mayonnaise

We thought it was time to do a savoury recipe, and this one has been inspired by Emily Watkins from The Kingham Plough in Chipping Norton.  This is a simple way to make mayonnaise, and although not quite as thick as some of the longer versions, it is easy...

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Lavender and Honey Ice-cream

This is a wonderful summer recipe that would be perfect at the end of a meal, or just as an afternoon treat in a cone.  No fancy gadgets are required to freeze it, just a bit of paw power (or an electric whisk!) to do the whisking. The fresher the eggs the...

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