Autumn Story

The harvest is going to be a good one, but Primrose has gone on an unintentional adventure……..

Summer Story

It was such a hot summer. The sky was deep blue and the sun never faltered…..

Winter Story

It was the middle of winter. The sun had just set and it was very, very cold….

Spring Story

Wilfred woke early that morning. It was his birthday…

Welcome to Brambly Hedge

~ Books for children ~

Brambly Hedge is on the other side of the stream, across the field. If you can find it, and if you look very hard amongst the tangled roots and stems, you may even see a wisp of smoke from a small chimney, or through an open door, a steep flight of stairs deep within the trunk of a tree. For this is the home of the mice of Brambly Hedge.

The mice of Brambly Hedge live together in a close-knit community making best use of what each season has to offer.


Autumn Story

Primrose goes on an unexpected adventure, but will she get home before dark?


The harvest season is upon us!

The harvest season is upon us!

The long, hot summer is still hanging in there but only by a thread!  The daytime temperatures are not quite so high now, and the early mornings are cooler, with a heavier dew.  It appears that the harvest this year is gong to be a bountiful one, and the...

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Soft furnishings, wall art and more, all with our lovely Brambly Hedge characters!

Brambly Hedge Kitchens

Blackberry and Apple Crumble

Blackberry and Apple Crumble

It sounds simple, and it really is!  There are no rules with crumbles-as long as you have a fruit laden filling and some flour, butter and sugar to make a topping, the opportunities are endless!  If freezer space allows, why not make some extra...

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